Noémie Rocher

After studying philosophy in Aix, Noémie Rocher took up painting at the Guildhall in London. There she rubbed shoulders with the Young British Artists and spent a year in the studio of Damien Hirst, the troublemaker of contemporary art whom she considers her mentor. Then the artist traced her own path until she exhibited today in Paris, London, New York, and Beijing.

At Château Charleval, where she appreciates the beautiful synergy encouraged by her father Daniel Rocher, her large formats have found a space tailored to them. In her canvases, made up of hundreds of layers of paint and Chinese ink, the artist seeks to retranscribe “the light of a passing day”, that slight twinge of sadness that invades us when evening falls, between dog and wolf. Noémie Rocher handles with great sensitivity the contrasts, the chiaroscuro, the oxymorons that she expresses in her work Mélancolie euphorique. Nothing dark in her work, on the contrary. Only the light attracts this solar artist, who envelops us in a universe filled with poetry, softness but also energy.

Season of heaven

17 juillet



Château Charleval accueille l’exposition « Seasons of heaven », qui réunit les deux artistes, Aurélia Rocher et Joanna Cutri. Céramiques et toiles contemporaines se répondent et questionnent notre lien à la Mémoire et la Nature.