Daniel Rocher

Born in 1954 in Rennes, Daniel Rocher – son of Yves Rocher and founder of the marine cosmetics brand Daniel Jouvance – has always placed art at the heart of his life. It was the discovery of Inuit art that inspired him to start sculpting, seduced by the soft, round shapes that can also be found in Henry Moore’s work. Gradually, Daniel Rocher’s sculptures become rougher and longer in the manner of Giacometti; they evoke the fragility of man and question our spirituality. In the park of the Château de Charleval, the Ladder inspired by Jacob’s angelic dream soars towards the sky as if to reach the beyond. Elsewhere, Etincelles de vie shine in which are reflected the great moments of our existence sometimes dented, from birth to death. Like giants with feet of clay, the Grands Hommes remind us of the vulnerability of the world. As for Les Arches series, it symbolizes the door. The one that one crosses like an initiatory passage, that one pushes by curiosity or that one opens wide to others.

Season of heaven

17 juillet



Château Charleval accueille l’exposition « Seasons of heaven », qui réunit les deux artistes, Aurélia Rocher et Joanna Cutri. Céramiques et toiles contemporaines se répondent et questionnent notre lien à la Mémoire et la Nature.