Arnaud Demory

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Marseille, inspired by the work of designers Charles and Ray Eames, Arnaud Demory created his own locksmith workshop in 1997. As a metalworker, he works for architectural firms, without ceasing his research on the material around the chair. Until he finds the desired form that he declines and dresses according to his desires, his passions, his influences. The usual object then becomes a sculpture through which he tells stories, sketches portraits, depicts emotions.

In Charleval, the artist launches into a new narrative with his monumental chairs. L’Equilibriste opens the doors of the castle, while the Acrobates and the Funambule do their number a little further in the gardens. The grandiose place imposed this change of scale. His meeting with Daniel Rocher in Charleval served as a catalyst. “It’s the start of something new in terms of sculpture,” says the artist, motivated by the energy of his host.

Season of heaven

17 juillet



Château Charleval accueille l’exposition « Seasons of heaven », qui réunit les deux artistes, Aurélia Rocher et Joanna Cutri. Céramiques et toiles contemporaines se répondent et questionnent notre lien à la Mémoire et la Nature.