Alexis Rosenfeld

Professional diver and photojournalist, Alexis Rosenfeld travels the world’s seas and explores the fascinating and fragile ocean floor. His career has led him to share in Commander Cousteau’s last expedition to Madagascar, to take part in the Comex epic alongside Henri-Germain Delauze, a pioneer of industrial diving, and to play an active role in the discovery of the wreck of Saint-Exupéry’s plane. Currently at the head of the program “1 ocean, the great testimony on the ocean” in partnership with Unesco, he wants to raise public awareness of the preservation of this increasingly threatened environment.

At Château Charleval, where he exhibits his destructured underwater images, his approach is more artistic but just as committed. Because whatever the vector, the objective remains the same: “to hook people and bring them into my world so that they understand the importance of the ocean, to tell them how fabulous it is and that it must be protected”. To testify, to tell, to transmit, with a common denominator: utopia.

Season of heaven

17 juillet



Château Charleval accueille l’exposition « Seasons of heaven », qui réunit les deux artistes, Aurélia Rocher et Joanna Cutri. Céramiques et toiles contemporaines se répondent et questionnent notre lien à la Mémoire et la Nature.